Workshop 2016 Schedule is Set!

Workshop Schedule

Friday 4/29

  • Kids workshop – 4:30pm
  • Adults workshop – 6:00pm followed by opening roda

Saturday 4/30

  • Adults morning workshop – 10:00am
  • Break for Lunch (food is good)
  • Kids workshop – 1:30pm followed by kids roda
  • Adults afternoon workshop – 3:00pm followed by street roda
  • Dinner (location tbd)

Sunday 5/1

  • Kids workshop – 1:30pm followed by kids farewell roda
  • Adults workshop – 3:00pm followed by farewell roda
  • Farewell Dinner (location tbd)


As always with any good capoeira event, schedule details can and probably will change as things start happening; we will keep you updated.

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