Graduado Relógio

Eric Aggson began training Capoeira in 1998 while classes were still being taught on the front steps of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. 

At the time, Eric was a student at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS and was traveling to Kansas City two to three times per week to attend classes. Due to his schedule, he was always checking his watch to be sure he would get back to Manhattan in time for his classes and his job. Therefore, Eric was given the nickname Relógio (wristwatch) by his teacher. Several years later, in 2001, Relógio assumed leadership of the Kansas City faction of Grupo Axé Capoeira.

Graduado Relógio


Since then, he has been teaching classes, traveling throughout North America for workshops and seminars, and opened Kansas City’s first Academy of Capoeira in 2005. Relógio had the distinction of participating in a weeklong intensive course offered by Mestre Barrão in August of 2006. At this course, renowned Mestres Barrão, Jogo de Dentro, Nenel and Historian Frede Abreu taught Capoeira history, movements, and philosophy to a select group of Axé students and teachers. After this course, Relógio was graduated to the status of Graduado by Mestre Barrão.

Axé Capoeira – Grupo Kansas City


Currently, Graduado Relógio cross trains in pistol/ rifle marksmanship classes as well as defensive knife combat. His commitment to responsible fire arms ownership and self defense help broaden his martial arts training as he continues his work to strengthen Capoeira in the Kansas City area.